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            Best Textile Co., Ltd. Yichang was established in 2006 in Yichang City, Hubei Province, China. Our company is located in a touristic paradise in China, on the north shore of the world’s third longest river—Yangtze River where the famous Three Gorges Project lies. Our company is about only 30 minutes’ drive to the nearest airport and high-speed railway station, which presents you with great convenience for your visit.

            With an investment of over $13million and a company construction covering 16,000 square meters, our plant is fully equipped with six workshops respectively into weaving, dyeing, bleaching and sewing. More than 300 employees are hired to complete such a pipeline. Baby textile products and bandages catalogue I of ISO13485) are accounting for the most part of our production (catalogue I of OKO-TEX Standard 100). Our products usually sell in mainland of China and many other countries, such as Germany, Austria, France, Holland, Turkey, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Angola, U.S.A, Canada. Furthermore, we has

          passed consumer products services-inspection, audit & assessment, by BV, TUV, 3P and many other companies.  We have the certificate from AEON and OEKO-TEX Standard 100(BJ020 126111 TESTEX).We do OEM、ODM for many famous brand,such as Disney,AEON,Peegy Sue,Pigeon,Baby Ruies,etc.

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          Best Textile Co., Ltd. Yichang

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